Saturday, November 3, 2007

Once you have your 16 strips of paper cut, start putting them together using Snail Adhesive. This is done by looping them together at the ends as shown. Make sure to keep your 6" pieces together and 7" pieces together. Next take two matching loops and place them opposite each other and attach with adhesive. Continue making all 16 loops and putting them together as shown. Now add the first 2 6" loops to the 2nd set of 6" loops to look like this. Basically crossing them on top of each other. Do this to the remaining loops until you have 4 sets of loops put together. When finished you should have 2 smaller sets of loops and 2 larger sets of loops. The next step explains how to do the hole in the center.

Once you have all 4 sets of loops together continue by placing a hole into the center of each set of loops. I used the 3/16" hole punch found in the Crafter's Tool Kit.

Now that you have all 4 sets completed, place the 2 smaller 6" sets together and the 2 larger 7" sets together making sure you off set them so they look like these. Make sure your holes align up.

Now place the smaller of the 2 bows into the inside of the larger bow lining up the punched holes and place a full size brad into the center to hold both bows together.

Now last but not least take the 4" strip of wrapping paper, connect ends together to make a circle and attach using your Snail Adhesive. Add a small Glue Dot to the loop and place it in the center of the bow on top of brad.

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